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    I currently have no Google apps loaded in my Droid 4 and hoping to do the same when this phone arrives. Is it possible for there to be a version of the stock OS to not include any Google apps, or is that prohibited by Google? I know that Sailfish and Lineage OS are also being worked on but I’m just a little concerned about hwo stable it’ll be as a 3rd party OS, compared to the officially release versions (as far as my Droid goes, LineageOS is awesome bring Android 7.1 to a device that officially stopped at 4 but it’s frustrating when it’s unstable and features stop working randomly).

    Related to this, I’m guessing there’s no way an official Android phone with Google Play support can ever include microG, but what about signature spoofing support?

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    It depends a bit on what you mean by “google apps”, as all the Android system apps in principle are Google apps.

    But I assume you mean stuff like their maps, mails, drive, photos, youtube, chrome and many others, and YES you can disable these (even without the need to use ADB from a PC – that is a big axe for non rooted devices)

    And remember that if not enough, they also promised that it is rootable, so that allows you to do practically anything. :)

    PS Also remember that due to a really odd Android thing, you have to explicitly stop a running app you have disabled, otherwise it will continue to run – yes seriously….

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    Since the device is rootable you can make your own version of android with everything removed :D

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