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    Hi everyone,

    I just found out about this phone and I’m looking forward to its rollout, it’s great and unlike other manufacturers (*cough blackber*) sporting a Snapdragon 8xx chip. Just as someone else already pointed out, it’d be just brilliant if we get a portrait-keyboard version. I mean, the software and connections on the motherboard are already there now, it’s just a question of making a different keyboard and slider mechanism. Would also be great if it had a trackpad or a Fingerprint sensor that also doubled as a trackpad in that configuration. I own a Priv but with no decent replacement in sight, I’d definitely vote with my wallet should a portrait version of the Pro1 come out.



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    I also own a Priv but have been crying out for a landscape keyboard since the days of the Motorola Droid 4 or even better the HTC Windows Phone 7 (with arguably the best OS for productivity). This is the perfect phone format IMO. I am elated that someone is finally producing a phone with a decent sized screen for media consumption with a good sized keyboard for productivity.

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    If I was asked in a matter of personal taste to pick only one from portrait and landscape sliders, I would choose landscape without thinking. :)

    But as a owner of a few Privs myself, I can also see some benefit of portrait sliders:
    – Being thinner. Because the slide-out part is much smaller than landscape. (But smaller keyboard…)
    – Can support nearly every apps natively
    – Easier for one hand operation

    But again, portrait slider has a much smaller keyboard and closer to a “phone” rather than a palmtop productivity beast. ;)

    If Pro1 gets enough interest, we will certainly consider portrait slider as a future branch. For now we will put our focus 100% on bringing Pro1 to the market as quick as we can. ;)

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    Strictly we are talking different users segments for a physical keyboard.

      Those that prefer a fixed portrait keyboard (BB Key½)
      Those that prefer a portrait slider (Priv)
      Those that prefer a landscape slider (Pro¹)
      Those that prefer a fixed lansdscape keyboard (non-existing AFAIK)
      Those that prefer a clamshell lansdscape keyboard (Cosmo)
      Those that prefer a clamshell portrait keyboard (not seen for many years)

    But of course in lack of the other models most could/would let do with one from the first or second neighbouring segment as still better than just a slab without a keyboard…

    As my personal preference is landscape slider, I (in lack of better) earlier used a Priv, and considered a Cosmo, but never a Key½

    So as with so many other things, there is no absolute “best”. Only a “best” for each persons usage pattern.

    And ANY device is a matter of compromises due to physical and technical limitations. The Pro¹ is a bit on the large side for my taste, as I like one hand operable phones. But the large screen will for sure be something my old eyes will prefer over a phone-sized device… So even compromises here…

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    Yeah everyone has different use cases. I have a BB Key one and I find my self in landscape a lot and they keyboard just gets in the way.

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