We’ll be launching early next year. Until then, we’d like to share our story and our phone’s story.

Like you, we are huge fans of smartphones with a landscape keyboard….

Pressing for change

So when Motorola announced the Moto Z series and Moto Mods accessories we saw it as an opportunity to bring this awesome form factor back to market. We chose to make a Moto Mod because it eliminates issues with wireless connectivity and battery life. The concept and design stages went really well – we launched at CES 2018 by winning Motorola’s ‘Transform The Smartphone Challenge’.

F(x) Pressing for change
F(x) Action

Shortcut to later

A few months down the line we realised that making an accessory that was tied to a giant like Motorola wasn’t filling the gap we so badly wanted to fill. So we set on the ambitious and crazy path of developing a new smartphone with a landscape keyboard and it’s been an incredible journey so far…

Next episode

Tune in to our next newsletter to find out more! We’ll talk about specs of the new product as well as share our passion for phones with keyboards, to explain how it inspired our design choices.

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