From 5G to foldables, and everything in between, MWC 2019 has played host to lots of innovation. Huawei delivered its entrance into the foldable market in a big way – including dominating advertizing throughout the Catalan city – while Nokia made the world’s first five camera smartphone.

Sony made a 4K HDR OLED smartphone with the unique 21:9 aspect ratio, Samsung showed off its foldable Galaxy Fold to the wider public, Lenovo made the perfect travel monitor and BlackBerry launched its flagship with a hot new paint job. Beyond those, TCL surprised us all with some incredible innovation, and London-based startup F(x)tec bought back an iconic device with a modern twist.

We’ve spent the last few days looking at the best that MWC 2019 and here’s the products that stood out for us.

F(x)tec Pro1: 

However, if a keyboard beneath your screen doesn’t float your boat and you’d rather have a phone with a keyboard that doesn’t get in the way, this London-based startup has you covered. The F(x)tec Pro1 is the spiritual success to the Nokia N900, but brings a gorgeous five row keyboard, excellent specifications and a large 6″ AMOLED screen.

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