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The smartphone you thought you couldn’t have – Keyboard

Creating a rockin’ keyboard

From the very beginning, we had one goal: to create the best hardware QWERTY keyboard on a smartphone in terms of usability, quality, and visual appeal. We chose a five-row keyboard with a dedicated numbers row. We added modifier keys (such as Ctrl and Alt ) and symbol keys like a proper PC keyboard. We also added backlighting, for use in low light. We incorporated your feedback from the Keyboard Mod project and used a staggered key layout instead of stacking the Q, A, and Z keys vertically. We changed the position of some symbol keys so the 26 letters are in the middle of keyboard and equidistant to both thumbs. We put the Ctrl, Shift, and Fn keys on both sides to make combo input easier.

F(x) Keyboards

Even keyboards are sensitive

The hardness or sensitivity of each key was optimised to make it comfortable to press (adequate force, not too hard & not too soft). The surface of each key is slightly convex (shaped like a dome) so it feels better on the tips of your fingers. We incorporated your feedback about supporting multiple languages and made all the keyboard related components one piece. As such, changing layouts will only involve changing one part, making it easier to switch to say QWERTZ or the Scandinavian layout.

We put a lot of thought into this keyboard and agonized over the smallest of details in order to make the best smartphone keyboard possible. We still have more to share, but we hope you like it so far!

This is our last update for 2018, so we’d like to say thanks for following us and happy holidays from the entire team at F(x)!

We’re really excited for 2019, starting with our next newsletter: designing the slider…

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