Thermo1 is an advanced, contactless facial thermometer designed for temperature screening within the workplace.
Detect pre-registered faces, making sure only known and authorised individuals can enter the building.
Keep track of the time and date of employees as they sign in and out of the building.


Time and date attendance monitoring.
Safeguard your building and employees.
Fast facial recognition and temperature detection speed of 0.2 seconds.
Reduce the risk of contracting a virus within the building by identifying infection at source.
Accurate readings (+ or - 0.3 degrees C) whilst wearing a protective mask.
Give employees confidence knowing that they can go to work in a safe and virus free environment.
A cost-effective and contactless solution. (0.3 - 0.5m)
Restrict building access to individuals pre-registered on the system.


Thermo1 offers a variety of bespoke installation solutions including; standing kiosks, desk mounts, wall mounts and attached to entrances, turnstyles and security gates. Whatever the environment, be confident knowing Thermo1 can be installed and integrated into your existing security solutions seamlessly.
Education: nurseries
and schools
Healthcare: GP surgeries,
hospitals and care homes
Retail: shops and
Hospitality: hotels,
bars and restaurants
Factories and
manufacturing warehouses


Powered by Android, Thermo1 takes automatic and highly accurate temperature readings in 0.2 seconds. Thermopile sensors detect infrared radiation (body heat) and any elevated temperatures will trigger a voice controlled alert.

The binocular camera works in real-time using facial recognition software to identify, monitor and record individuals temperatures around the workplace. Stored data is fully secure and compliant with GDPR guidelines. The 8 inch touchscreen LCD display also allows for QR code scanners and ID readers as alternative access controls.



Thermo1 instantly records temperatures from 0.5m distance, eliminating the risk of contracting a virus through unnecessary human contact. Employees and members of the public can continue with their day like normal, feeling safe and confident that everyone in the building has been screened for virus symptoms.
Live and highly accurate facial recognition, including mask, glasses and safety helmet identification. Store up to 30,000 faces and keep track of the times, dates and locations of fevers detected with a seamless and easy to manage software solution.
Quick and easy to install and set up, so you can begin safeguarding the workplace immediately. Thermo1 records a person's body temperature and detects a fever within seconds with an automatic, voice controlled alert, so you don’t have to wait around for results.

Keep employees and the community safe by controlling the virus with Thermo1. Screening people for symptoms can significantly reduce the social and economic consequences of viruses and help maintain a healthy workforce. Keeping your workforce productive and reducing the level of absentees.



Thermo1 functions completely independently, letting you register employees as they enter the workplace and keep track of visitors around the building without the need for additional personnel i.e. a receptionist or security guard. Identify people as they enter the workplace using Face ID, Identification cards and QR cards, assess their temperature and trace them through the workplace.

With immediate access to attendance reports, you can monitor exactly who is in your building at all times. Store employee registration details and keep track of their sign in and out times and dates, replacing the need of a receptionist. Seamlessly access, manage and download this data with just one click.
Thermo1 can be fully integrated into internal systems to help with building security and access control. Programme the device to ensure known staff members are recognised using their pre-registered face ID, and granted access into the building. Themro1 can also be integrated into automatic doors or turnstyles making sure that only authorised and registered individuals are granted access into the building. Keeping your employees and workplace safe.


Schools and nurseries
Hungry Caterpillar Day Nurseries, have placed the Thermo1 at the entrance of their nurseries and implemented mandatory temperature screening measures for everyone that enters the building. It is also being used to monitor staff attendance using the pre-registered facial recognition software.  

Olivia Foley, Director said “With Thermo1, we can be confident knowing that everyone in our building has their temperature screened as it reduces the chances of contracting or spreading an illness when children are learning and playing together. Although temperature screening for early years is not an essential government guideline, we decided to use temperature screening as an additional measure for everyone that enters our Nursery. Most importantly, Thermo1 gives our staff the confidence boost they need to come into work each day, and provides reassurance to our parents and children that the best safety measures are in place.”

Commercial offices
F(x(tec) HQ offices are located in Regus office spaces, and have been using the Thermo1 to screen temperatures as and when someone comes into work. Whilst the team is still mostly working from home, having Thermo1 in the office gives everyone the reassurance they need that they are coming to work in a safe and virus free environment.  

F(x)tec have also pre-registered staff faces so that management can monitor the sign in and sign out times of the team. This has been especially handy with the staggered working times, and has eliminated the additional registration and attendance monitoring functions which were previously conducted in person or via email.


Product/Packag weight:
Safety helmet detection,
glasses detection
1 External port and 1 internal 6p port
(STB Function) DC 12V input
1 line WIFI signal support 2.4G/5G WIFI
802.11b/g/n protocol
TF Card Port
Maximum 64GB
Binocular B/W, HDR 200M, auto exposure, auto white balance, auto backlight
1/2.7” industry level binocular HD WDR sensor
M12(f=3.6MM)/ M12(f=3.6MM)
Connect to cloud, support background processing


Thermo1 is quick and easy to set up. Simply power it on and plug it in to start screening peoples temperatures straight away.

For a standard set-up, the device can be self-installed and configured using the quick-start user manual. All the settings can be changed and customised to meet your requirements.

On site installation and bespoke mounting solutions are available upon request. This includes software set-up, integration with existing systems, security access control deployment and a full user training programme.
Wall mounted
Turnstyle gate
Freestanding kiosk/stand
Desk mount

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